Yarleny is a Miami based designer with Cuban roots. After almost 2 decades in the fashion industry, she created MadLY as a love letter to her children and the women in her life. Growing up around strong, feminine role models, she created a collection that allows women to be exactly who they are. MadLY’s mission is to make women feel confident, elegant, strong and simultaneously soft.

Yarleny’s love for fashion began as early as middle school. Being a creative while also very much introverted, she spent hours sketching what were princess dresses at the time. She found her self-cofidence in her early twenties and saw clothes as a tool to show her point of view to the world. “The best part of fashion is you could explore so many versions of yourself without having to follow any rules. You can be edgy, powerful, soft, feminine, simple, extravagant… and fashion gives you the tools to show up as you are, it allows you to be ever changing.”

Yarleny believes although clothing can seem superficial, there’s true power in showing the best version of yourself through the way you dress. She hopes MadLY can allow women to show up as the best versions of who they are or want to be, whatever that may be.